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Everett's Coppice is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and as such, the rules must be followed when using the Coppice.
The Coppice is restricted to members of Fareham East and West Scout Districts but requests for use by local Guides Association are to be made to the Booking Secretary or the Management Committee, for permission at their discretion.

We hold a monthly working days at the Coppice in order to preserve it's unique environment. Details on the Working Days can be found below.

When following Directions to Everett's please take great care in Titchfield Lane as some people continue to travel too fast past the Coppice.

Everett's Working Day rota 2018


January Sunday 14th 

Everett's Coppice - Directions

Everett's Coppice is located on Titchfield Lane between Titchfield and Wickham.

Please take great care in Titchfield Lane as some people travel quite fast up and down the hill past Everett's Coppice.


Everett's Working Day Rota 2019

Everett’s working day rota 2019


Palletts as firewood

A gentle reminder.
Wooden palletts are not to be used as firewod at Everett's Coppice.
This is because Everett’s is a SSSI and pallets could take unrequired beasties and toxics into the coppice which is against the SSSI requirements.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Wild Flowers at Everett's

Spring has been showing itself off at Everett's Coppice with the bluebells, aconites and wild garlic if full bloom.

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Everett's Coppice Rules


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